©Maurice Turetsky Steel Sculpture Cutouts

Crows, Ravens & Firebirds

Crows & Ravens Steel Cut-out Sculpture

As an artist, I have long been fascinated with the mystical qualities of the crow and raven—and they have long showed up as recurring themes in poetry, film, literature and art. My new steel cut-out sculptures of crows and ravens are distillations of my knowledge and respect for them.

Since moving to Santa Fe, and learning more about the Native American perception of these birds, my interest in these creatures has heightened. Many tribes consider it good fortune just to see a Crow. Some tribes believe that crows have the ability to talk and thus they acknowledge them as the wisest of birds.

Others perceive them as tricksters who are loud and mischievous as they soar through the skies. The Ghost Dance pays homage to the crow because it guided hunters in search of food for their people. 

The raven is especially intriguing to me, as it is believed to help us find the answers to our thoughts. It guides us to understand the parts of our lives that we are unwilling to face or secret thoughts that continue to harm us. It can reveal the truth to us behind these thoughts and secrets and fly us back to harmony and good health. Ravens are larger than crows and are often seen in pairs.

The Firebird

As I discovered more about my Russian background, I happened upon an  intriguing Russian folk tale about a Firebird.

The story is about a Tsar named Berendey, whose palace was surrounded by beautiful orchards. In the orchard was a wonderful apple tree that bore golden apples. During the night, someone was stealing his apples, and the Tsar was furious! Every evening he sent his sons out to find the thief. The first two sons fell asleep in the orchard. Finally, his youngest son, Prince Ivan, remained vigilant and in the evening, suddenly a bright light flooded the orchard and startled him. The light came from the Firebird. It was he who was stealing the Tsar’s golden apples! Prince Ivan tried to catch the Firebird, but was only able to catch hold of his tail. He returned to the palace with the tail feather in his hand to report back to his father, and the story continues.

My process for creating these precision metal cutouts includes many hours of  photography, sketches and research. I hope you enjoy viewing my collection.