Art Commissions are a part of my active studio life. Commissioned Architectural Sculpture is exciting and Portrait Painting is very fulfilling. Studio visits can be made by appointment.

I enjoy the interaction and challenges of commissioned work. For example, when working on the altar of the Oxford Circle Jewish Community Center, I worked closely with members of the congregation and the architect in order to encompass everyone’s ideas; Images of lightening from Mt. Sinai, the Ten Commandments, the Burning Bush were all done in gold leaf, and installed on the vertical grill work of the altar leading up to the heavens. I finished and embellished the project with sculptured Lions of Juda holding up the Torah.

Commissioned paintings. I work closely with my clients to arrive at the thoughts and ideas that will bring their vision to life. Personality is of tantamount importance in portraiture. Working together, we arrive at an understanding and appreciation of each other. Many sketches are presented until approval. A portrait is a legacy. It delivers the subject into perpetuity.